(Vous cherchez les informations sur Talampaya en français ? C’est ici.)

Talampaya is one of the biggest mixed ultimate frisbee tournaments in Europe, organized every year in Geneva by the Wizards over 3 days on the Pentecost weekend.

Talampaya 2019

Talampaya took place on 8-10 June 2019 at the Centre sportif de Vessy, Geneva, Switzerland.

All tournament information is posted on the Talampaya Facebook page.

See the results from Talampaya 2019 (and all the other years too).


Talampaya is staffed by volunteers. They love it when people spontaneously come and thank them for all their hard work!

  • Finance: David Goodman
  • Communication with teams:  Katie Northcott
  • Logistics: Maddie Koechlin
  • Entertainment: Lucie Pocha / Jemma Arman
  • Food: Alice Debiolles
  • Technical: Tom Holyoake
  • Game plan: Vincent Lambelet


Contact Katie at talampaya@wizards.ch