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Talampaya is one of the biggest mixed ultimate frisbee tournaments in Europe, organized every year in Geneva by the Wizards over 3 days on the Pentecost weekend.

Talampaya 2022

Registration opens 1 December 2021!

Highlights video 2018


Talampaya is staffed by volunteers. They love it when people spontaneously come and thank them for all their hard work!

2019 Talampaya crew

  • Finance: David Goodman
  • Communication with teams:  Katie Northcott
  • Logistics: Maddie Koechlin
  • Entertainment: Lucie Pocha / Jemma Arman
  • Food: Alice Debiolles
  • Technical: Tom Holyoake
  • Game plan: Vincent Lambelet


Contact Katie at talampaya@wizards.ch