In July 2018, the Wiz will participate to the WFDF’s world ultimate clubs championships in Cincinnati, USA:

This opportunity was earned by focusing our efforts in the mixed division, and by getting the second place at the Swiss championships in 2017?.

It’s time to increase or game level, with this outstanding year of physical preparation, to integrate players from the area, and also to be present in major European tournaments.

For the first time the Wizards will play COED at Windmill:

And Talampaya 2018, our own tournament, will be unique:


Em (coach)

Giacomo (captain, coach)

Patrick (captain, coach)


Our roster Wizard for the WUCC 2018 is as multicultural as Geneva.

Alban Bordeaux 🇫🇷
Calvin Schenk 🇨🇭
Estelle Rivière 🇫🇷
Giacomo Tenaglia 🇮🇹 (captain)
Hassan Oualit 🇲🇦
Ingeborg Kuijlaars 🇳🇱
Jake Simon 🇺🇸
Jenna Naef 🇺🇸
Lucie Pocha 🇩🇪
Marion Davezies 🇫🇷
Pascal Bienz 🇨🇭
Patrick Naef 🇨🇭 (captain)
Phoebe Shambaugh 🇺🇸
Raphaël Pieroni 🇨🇭
Ravi Vasudevan 🇺🇸
Sarah Harrison 🇬🇧
Thomas “Cabri” Nicolas 🇫🇷
Valerio Aiello 🇮🇹
Véronique Mayor 🇨🇭
Victor Montaner 🇫🇷
Yannick Galland 🇨🇭

Emily Wisnosky (coach) 🇺🇸