Geneva schools tournament - 4 May 2016

Ultimate Frisbee tournament for "Post-Obligatory" students (15 years and above). Registration:


Date :         Wednesday 4 May 2016


Place :         Centre sportif de Vessy     (TPG-Bus N°11-21)

Route de Vessy 29, 1234 Vessy

Tél: 022 899 12 30


The tournament will be played outdoors, on grass


CATEGORIES :     teams will normally be made up of students - boys and girls - at "Post-Obligatory" level (15 years and above). All age groups will play together.


TIME :      Matchs begin at 13h30

        The tournament will end around 17h30


RULES :     


Number of players:     5 against 5 players (field size will be adapted to the number of players)

Teams of 7 to 10 people are highly recommended to allow for substitutions

Each person can only be a member of one team


Gender balance:     Teams will normally be made up of equal numbers of boys and girls (gender balance is highly recommended, but not formally required). At the beginning of each match, teams will decide how to ensure gender balance during the game, if there are different numbers of boys and girls.

REGISTRATION : Register online at, or by returning the registration form to  

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:   Wednesday 20 April 2016. The number of teams is limited. First come, first served

Interested schools are invited to informally let the organizers know of their interest by e-mail as soon as possible.